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Our brandnew album "LustfingeR" is out and available in all online stores.

New Release with ETERNAL FLAME
The new album "Gravitation" by Michael Schinkel's Eternal-Flame is out now! (Check out the current single off the album, video below!) Classic Heavy Metal featuring Michael Schinkel 's brillant guitar and unequalled voice. Guest vocals by Mark Boals (Dokken, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) and Göran Edman (ex-Yngwie Mamsteen). Order the album by clicking the cover!

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Live 2022

2022-Nov-03 Augsburg - Spectrum (w/ Eternal Flame)
2022-Oct-29 Bad Tölz (w/ Tommy Who!)
2022-Oct-22 Merzig - Zeltpalast (w/ Tommy Who!)
2022-Oct-01 Augsburg - Ballonfabrik (w/ LustfingeR)
2022-Aug-21 Munich - Backstage (w/ LustfingeR /Support for The Exploited)
2022-Aug-18 Stuttgart/Aichwald - Goldgelb Open Air (w/ Claudia Cane)
2022-Jul-30 München - Deutsches Theater (w/ Tommy Who!)
2022-Jun-30 Munich - Rote Sonne (w/ LustfingeR)
2022-Jun-28 Munich - Backstage (w/ LustfingeR /Support for Marky Ramone)
2022-Jun-18 Markt Wald - Rock'n'Loc Festival (w/ Eternal Flame)
2022-Apr-07 Munich - Backstage (w/ LustfingeR)