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Hi friends,
I have to announce that the final show of Shameless’ Filthy 7 Tour at the HEAT-Festival also marked my final performance with the band.
I’d like to thank all you Shameless-fans out there for the love and support you showed me. You’re some of the most passionate fans I’ve ever met. Hope to see you again, sometime - somewhere!
As you can see my schedule for 2018 is already filling with dates, mainly for my band Lustfinger with our new album out in spring. You'll find all my activities here or on my social media!
See you soon!!!
(Photo: Weichert Photography)

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Live 2017/18

2018-May-04 Ilmenau - Baracke 5 (w/ LustfingeR)
2018-Apr-28 Poing - tba (w/ LustfingeR)
2018-Mar-03 Schrobenhausen - Zoom (w/ LustfingeR)
2017-Dec-30 München - Garage DeLuxe (w/ LustfingeR)
2017-Dec-16 München - LOK (w/ Van Dalen)
2017-Dec-02 Heat Festival - Ludwigsburg (w/ Shameless)
2017-Dec-01 Frauenfeld - Oelfleck (CH) (w/ Shameless)
2017-Nov-30 Padova (I) - Grindhouse (w/ Shameless)
2017-Nov-26 Vercelli (I) - Officine Sonore (w/ Shameless)
2017-Nov-25 Pordenone (I) - Rocktown (w/ Shameless)
2017-Nov-24 Rovellasca (I) - Dedolor (w/ Shameless)
2017-Nov-23 Velden (A) - Bluesiana (w/ Shameless)
2017-Sep-23 Bamberg - Sound-n-Arts (w/ LustfingeR)
2017-Aug-26 Spirit Festival - Niedergörsdorf (w/ LustfingeR)
2017-Jul-29 Hohenbrunn - Sportplatz (w/ Sara Sucks)
2017-Jun-23 Alpenflair Festival - Brixen (I) (w/ LustfingeR)
2017-May-04 Wertheim - Halle 115 (w/ LustfingeR)
2017-May-05 Munich - Garage DeLuxe (w/ LustfingeR)
2017-Apr-29 Leipzig - Hellraiser (w/ LustfingeR)
2017-Apr-22 Herdorf - Rattenloch (w/ LustfingeR)
2017-Apr-09 Prague (CZ) (w/ Shameless)
2017-Apr-08 Teplice (CZ) (w/ Shameless)
2017-Apr-07 Lichtenfels - Paunchy Cats Inn Bar (w/ Shameless)
2017-Apr-06 Munich - Garage DeLuxe (w/ Shameless)